152x133x20mm Ferrite Injection Moulded Magnets 16 Poles Magnetic Rings

Multi Pole Injection Ferrite Magnet

1.Material: PA6 Base resin+Ferrite Magnetic Powder

2.Dimensions: According to your requirements

3.Grade: MF-618,MF-620 and etc

4.Max Operating Temperature: -20°C to +15O°C

5.Magnetized: Axial,Diametrical or Multi-Poles

6.Advantage: High dimensional accuracy, good consistency, no follow-up processing, stable performance, shock resistance

Product Detail

Physical Properties of Injection Molded Ferrite:

Density: 3.08-3.88g/cm³
Tension Strength: 50-102( MPa)  
Flexural Strength : 93-185( MPa)  
Max. Operation Temperature:  -40 to 150 (℃)
Hardness :118-120 

Production description:

Injection molded magnets are used in large quantities by different technical applications.

Their success can be explained by their high diversity of possible field distributions, their complicated shapes, their easy combinability 

with other mechanical parts and by their economic way of manufacturing. Injection molded magnets are produced for magnetic 

sensors,electrical machines, magnetic couplings, magnetic brakes and many other applications. In this chapter there will be 

explanations of basicmaterial and system characteristics, manufacturing methods, magnetic polarization patterns as well as related

design methods of injection molded magnets. In addition, there are two sections explaining the use for magnetic sensors and for electrical machines.

Fan Motors
Wiper Motors
EPS Motors
Starter Motors
Home appliance Motors
Industrial Motors
Motorcycle Motors
other DC Motors


*High remanence, high coercivity, high energy product, high performance and price ratio, easy to process various sizes and minimum specifications.
*It can be formed once, without secondary processing, and can be made into various complicated magnets Magnet and other part may form together in one step.
*Free choice of magnetizing direction-especially for multi-polar applications
*High dimensional accuracy-large quantity applications with minimum post-press machining.
*Thin-wall ring and complex shape magnets.
*High resistance to corrosion.

Why choose us?

Shorten the product design cycle and sample period,save the cost of project development
Integrated production, assembly facilities, increase the competitiveness of products
Provide OEM,ODM service,and provide ESI(early supplier involvement),CTP(customer trust operation),
KAM(key account management)

Need a Quote?

Please specify the following while ordering:

Shape, dimensions and tolerance

Magnetic specifications

Quantity (one time or repeating order)

Application / End use of the Magnet

Direction of Magnetization

Magnet acceptance inspection method

Magnetization requirements (magnetised) / (demagnetised)

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.