N50 high powered laminated neodymium magnets

Laminated Magnet

1. Insulation layer thickness within 0.04mm.

2. At normal temperature, the bonding strength of the insulation layer can reach more than 50Mpa.

3. The maximum operating temperature can reach 200 ℃.

4. Tolerance is within 0.05mm.

5. Each magnets are insulated from each other.

Product Detail

Low eddy current loss laminated magnet

Laminated permanent magnet is a kind of permanent magnet material with special structure and properties. It consists of a plurality of neodymium magnet layers and insulation layers are alternately stacked, formed by special processing technology. Laminate permanent magnets have the advantages of high magnetic energy product, high saturation magnetic induction, low temperature coefficient, etc., and are widely used in motor, generator, sensor and other fields.

1. High magnetic energy product: Laminated permanent magnets have a high magnetic energy product, which can store more magnetic energy in a relatively small volume, improving the working efficiency and performance of the equipment.
2. High saturation magnetic induction strength: Laminated permanent magnets have high saturation magnetic induction strength, which can achieve large output under a small external magnetic field.
3. Low temperature coefficient: Laminated permanent magnets have a low temperature coefficient, that is, within a certain temperature range, their magnetic properties are basically not affected by temperature. This allows it to maintain stable performance over a wide temperature range.
4. Diversified design: Because the laminated permanent magnet adopts a stacked structure, different layers and structures can be designed according to actual needs to meet the requirements of different application scenarios.
5. Good mechanical strength: The insulation layer plays a role in protecting the permanent magnet material, improving the overall mechanical strength and heat resistance.

Application field
1. Motor: Laminated permanent magnets are widely used in various types of motors, such as DC motors, AC motors, etc. Its high magnetic energy product and high saturation magnetic induction intensity can improve the output power and efficiency of the motor.
2. Generator: Laminated permanent magnets are used in generators to generate a magnetic field, which is rotated to produce electrical energy. Its stable performance and low temperature coefficient make the generator work stably under different environmental conditions.

3. Sensors: Laminated permanent magnets are used in sensors to detect physical quantities and convert them into electrical signals. Its high sensitivity and stability make the sensor have higher accuracy and reliability.
4. Acoustic equipment: laminated permanent magnets can be applied to acoustic equipment such as speakers and microphones to improve the output and reception of sound.
5. Medical devices: Laminated permanent magnets are used in medical devices in fields such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to provide strong magnetic field support.

Laminated NdFeB magnets are commonly used for this purpose, but Sm2Co17 magnet also serves as a fundamental magnetic material for magnet segmentation technology.

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