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  • Internal thread pot magnet
    Internal thread neodymium pot magnet
    Internal Thread NdFeB Pot Magnet 1.Dimensions: Dia from 16 mm to 75 mm 2.Materials: NdFeB,Grade N35 to N52 (M,H,SH,UH,EH AH) 3.Plating/Coating: Zinc,Nickel,Epoxy or Color paint. 4.Magnetization direction: Axial magnetized 5.Max operating temp.: 80 to 220 degrees celsius They are suitable for strong and quickly removable fasten no need drilling.They widely use for trade fair,any shop build or other purpose.No matter use in private household or commercial or hobby applications are all suitable.
  • Channel pot neodymium magnet
    Noedymium channel pot magnet Rectangular pot magnet
    Neodymium Block/Recantgular Pot Magnet 1.Dimensions: Length from 10 mm to 120 mm,Width 13.5mm,Height 5mm 2.Materials: NdFeB,Grade N42 3.Plating/Coating: Zinc,Nickel 4.Magnetization direction: Through thickness 5.Max operating temp.: 80 degrees celsius There are one or two countersunk holes in the block neodymium pot magnet,which can be used with countersunk head screws,and fixed on the equipment,wall and other places.

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