How to measure the special-shaped magnet?
March 07, 2022

The material of special-shaped magnet is relatively brittle, and the processing procedure is relatively complex compared with standard magnet. It is widely used in various machines, motors, wind turbines and other industrial applications. In particular, the special-shaped electromechanical magnetic tile is one of the common special-shaped magnets produced by our magnet manufacturers. The name of abnormity is relative to the magnet of standard shape. At present, special-shaped magnets have become irreplaceable materials to promote the development of high and new technology and the progress of contemporary civilization, and their development prospects are relatively optimistic.

The materials of special-shaped magnets include ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt, samarium cobalt, neodymium iron boron and other materials. The price and performance of each material are different. Because NdFeB magnet has the strongest magnetism, good processability and moderate price, it is the most widely used magnet in industrial production.

Special shaped magnets need to be customized in strict accordance with the dimensional standards designed in the drawing during processing and production, so accurate measuring equipment is needed to check after processing. The image measuring instrument can just meet the measurement needs of various sizes of special-shaped magnets. In addition to the general overall dimensions of length and width, the image measuring instrument can also measure such as magnet flatness, multi-stage radian of special-shaped magnet, magnet diameter radius, R angle of special-shaped magnet, magnet height, aperture of special-shaped magnet, concentricity of ring magnet, etc. Multi angle and multi orientation meet your measurement requirements for various sizes of special-shaped magnets.

All magnet dimensions are in millimeters. The size of a circle is generally length x width x height; Generally, the last number also represents the magnetization direction of the square magnet, D represents the diameter, and the size of the finished product is diameter x thickness; The square is magnetized in the height direction. NS is on the two largest faces, that is, the face of length x width; The dimension of the ring is expressed as the outer diameter DX, the inner diameter DX and the height.

The above is all about the measurement methods of special-shaped magnets.

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