Does the magnet mobile phone bracket affect the performance of the mobile phone?
March 07, 2022

The magnetic mobile phone bracket is a magnet, which shows that it has little effect on the screen. But what about batteries? Will you magnetize part of the original in the mobile phone?

Of course, it has an impact. The surface magnetic force exceeds a certain range Now the mobile phones on the market basically use magnets, and their internal magnetic isolation is below 200gs. The better the internal magnetic isolation of the mobile phone, the better

Therefore, for the mobile phone bracket, if the surface magnetic force (the part contacting the mobile phone) exceeds 200gs, it will affect or even damage the mobile phone As far as the magnetic mobile phone brackets on the market are concerned, they are all above 2000gs, which is more than 10 times the standard value.

The result is to interfere with the electromagnetic signal of the mobile phone and magnetize the iron containing parts inside the mobile phone, which gradually leads to the inaccuracy and failure of collection and navigation, the distortion of call sound quality, operation jam, data loss, screen flower screen or black screen, intermittent crash and even scrapping.

The above phenomena generally appear one after another within 1 to 4 months, and different situations will occur according to different mobile phones. There is also a professional testing organization, but the identification takes at least one year to judge the impact on the mobile phone. Only professional magnet manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers can measure the specific value with their own instruments.

It is suggested that the magnetic support should be covered with an iron sheet (the one pasted on the back of the mobile phone, if not), and the surface magnetic force is below 200gs.

Give a simple test method: cover the iron on the mobile phone bracket with an iron sheet on the back of the mobile phone, and roll a round coin from it. Basically, only a few hundred GS will not be sucked. If it is too large, it will suck the coin, so it is not recommended to buy it.

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