The application of permanent magnet in medical
August 19, 2022

Everyone knows about MRI. This equipment has a wide range of inspections, but is expensive. The magnet is its most important and expensive part. There are two types of magnets in common use today, namely electromagnets and permanent magnets. 

Today, we mainly talk about permanent magnets. Permanent magnets are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. Because the magnetic field strength is stable after the permanent magnet is magnetized, it can maintain long-term magnetism. Permanent magnets such as AlNiCo, permanent ferrite, and NdFeB can all be used in the device. Among them, NdFeB has the highest magnetic energy product, and its dosage is the least to achieve the same field strength.

However, it should be noted that the field strength of permanent magnets is not large enough compared to electromagnets, so it can only be used in low-frequency magnetic resonance equipment at present. 

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