The importance of tolerances in the machinery industry
August 26, 2022

As we all know, tolerances play an important role in the machinery industry. So, what is a tolerance? The amount of variation allowed in part dimensions and geometric parameters is called tolerance. The tolerance requirements for our magnet products are also quite high.

Taking NdFeB as an example, it is widely used in electronic products, such as hard drives, mobile phones, earphones and tools powered by batteries, and it is also an important part of various manufacturing products, such as motors, speakers, testing instruments, etc.

Therefore, general buyers have certain requirements on tolerances, because unqualified magnet parts will lead to inability to assemble and even damage the machine. The substandard size of magnet products often leads to the risk of bulk returns, which also brings economic losses to the factory itself, as well as wastes the buyer's time and energy.

We have strict tolerances for magnets. Tolerance is the most basic requirement. For some small magnet products, our tolerance can be controlled up to +/-0.03, or even +/-0.02.

The cost of NdFeB products is high, and there is generally not a large amount of inventory. Products with the same size and performance are relatively few. We usually provide customized services, process in strict accordance with customer drawings, and dare to ship after strict quality inspection, or you can make samples first and then batch.

Over the years, kingsmagnet has always adhered to the principle, and our customers have never had the trouble that the customized products are too large to be used.

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