Application of magnets
January 27, 2022

At present, magnet in industry, military, medical, astronomy and other fields have a wide range of applications, we will introduce it in detail below.

Ii. Application of magnets - industry

In the traditional industrial field, due to power generation to use generators, transmission to use transformers, television to use loudspeakers, electric machinery to use motor telephone radio and so on.

Iii. Applications of magnets - military

Ordinary mines or landmines can only explode when they touch a target, but if magnetic sensors are added to them, they can detect changes in the magnetic field when they approach but do not touch the target, thus causing an explosion, greatly increasing the lethality of the mines or landmines.

Aircraft in the process of flight is easy to be detected by enemy radar, in order to avoid enemy radar monitoring, the surface of the aircraft can be coated with a special magnetic material, so that enemy radar can not detect the radar echo, so that the aircraft to achieve the purpose of stealth.

Iv. Application of magnets - Medicine

The main application of magnets in the medical field is magnetic resonance imaging, which can be used to diagnose abnormal tissues in the body and determine diseases. In addition, magnetic therapy can also be realized by the interaction between magnetic field and human body's meridians. At present, magnetic therapy pillow, magnetic therapy belt and other products have appeared.

What kind of application is the magnet you use?

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