I want magnet 5000 gauss magnet, can you give me a quote?
January 27, 2022

Many customers who do not know much about magnets will tell us the Gauss value they need in the beginning of the chat and let us give them a quotation according to this Gauss value. Or give us a performance and a size and ask us how many Gauss the magnet can achieve. Or many customers ask how many gauss magnets can pick up multiple things, how many Gauss magnets can pick up how far?There are many similar cases. 

Because the magnet Gauss and can suck multiple products, how far can be sucked is not computable, and not the magnet gauss, its suction is also greater, the magnet can suck multiple with the magnet specifications, shape, and magnetization way and how a suction method (horizontal suction? With smoking? Does surface magnetism alone tell you anything? 

So even if you provide us with performance and size parameters we can't help you estimate the Gauss value of the magnet or how many kilograms the magnet can hold at this performance and size. 

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