Why didn't you give me the quotation after I told you the required size and quantity? 
October 15, 2021

Because the use of magnets is very wide, involving a lot of industries, small to toys, magnetic packaging boxes, makeup boxes, to motor, electro-motor engine,Large industrial machinery and so on. It even applies to a lot of new industries that we've never touched before.

I would like to make some suggestions to our customers. If you can send these parameters to us at the same time,We can make you an offer the same day or the next, which will shorten the time of repeatedly confirming product information in the inquiry process

For magnets with common shapes, such as disc magnets, block magnets, ring magnets etc., we need to know the following parameters to accurately quote


2. Grade

3. Coating

4. Magnetization direction


For magnet with special-shaped, such as arc magnets, horseshoe magnets, trapezoidal magnets, etc., you need to provide us with the following parameter information before we can accurately quote for you

1.Drawings (mark chamfering, tolerances, length of each side, etc., as detailed as possible)

2. Grade

3. Magnetization direction

4. Coating


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