What is the principle of single-sided magnet structure?
April 20, 2022

Single-sided magnet refers to one side of the magnetic, the other side of the magnetic weak, the method is to use special treatment of galvanized iron sheet double-sided magnet wrapped, so that the magnetic side of the wrapped magnetic will be shielded, the magnetic force is refracted to the other side, the other side of the magnetic will be enhanced.Where only one side is required to be magnetic and the other side may cause damage or interference;In some cases, such as the magnet on the packaging box, only one side of the magnetic, the other side is optional, magnetic is useless, so the use of single-side magnetic will greatly reduce the cost and save magnetic materials.


The magnetic refraction of a single-sided magnet is like the refraction of a satellite pot on a signal or a flashlight pot on a light, and its refraction effect is mainly determined by the following three aspects:

1. Materials: the choice and thickness of materials, as well as the distance between magnets and materials are closely related.Pure iron sheet is prone to magnetic leakage, and the refraction will be enhanced after special treatment. However, the 100% shielding material has not been developed, but the materials made by different manufacturers have different effects.

2. Angle: according to the principle of refraction, arc-shaped materials have the best effect, while right-angle materials have larger refraction loss.

3. Space: Magnetic lines of force are like cell phone signals in the air. They need space to be refracted.If the flashlight lamp pot is completely wrapped on the lamp cannon, the use effect is certainly not good, because a lot of light refraction is lost.

How to use the above principles, the best effect of magnetic enhancement, is the best problem between a lot of parameters, many manufacturers are also repeated experiments, such as Xi 'an Guotai single-sided magnetic processing, the ideal result is 50% enhancement.This will greatly reduce production costs and save magnetic materials in the field of packaging and bags.

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