What factors does the price of strong magnet have to do with?
March 07, 2022

The pricing of a product in an industry needs to comprehensively consider various factors, such as material price, market situation, labor, technology, strength, brand, profit and so on. Of course, there will be factors of the manufacturer itself. Many customers will directly ask what the price of such powerful magnets is? In fact, the price of strong magnet is related to many factors and is not fixed. Therefore, the manufacturer of strong magnet can't clearly tell you the price. You need to know your demand clearly before you can let the bidder quote according to your requirements.

First of all, we need to determine the specification, tolerance dimension, coating, magnetization mode, performance and batch size of the magnet. The above data should be clearly told to the manufacturer of strong magnet what kind of magnet we need, so as to give you a quotation.

1、 There are three main factors that directly affect the price of strong magnet:

(1) Batch (ladder quotation, the smaller the batch, the higher the quotation)

(2) Specification and shape (the shapes are conventional and special-shaped. The more complex the shape is, the higher the processing cost is)

(3) Tolerance dimension (especially for small magnets, which are used in micro precision instruments, the tolerance control is particularly strict; if the process cannot be achieved, it needs to be selected manually, with a high scrap rate and higher cost)

2、 The material of strong magnet is hard and fragile. After magnetization, its suction is more than 600 times its own weight, so it is easy to attract and bump, and magnet can not be used for magnetic separation. Generally, there are many bumps, resulting in wear.

3、 As strong magnets are easy to be corroded, the general coating requirements are either zinc plating or nickel plating. The surface of zinc plating and nickel plating looks silver white, but nickel plating is more shiny and corrosion-resistant, and the cost will be higher.

IV. strong magnets are classified according to the performance grade, and the grades are as follows:








The higher the brand, the higher the performance and the higher the temperature resistance. This is the main factor affecting the price of strong magnet.

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