Do you know what matters need to pay attention to when installing motor magnets?
March 07, 2022

Today we are going to talk about the installation of motor magnets need to pay attention to it!

First, pay attention to magnetic poles

When installing the magnet, we must pay special attention to the N pole and S pole of the magnet, otherwise it will get twice the result with half the effort. You can remind our salesman to mark the magnets for you during production so that you can better distinguish between the N-pole and the S-pole.

Second, pay attention to the paste surface clean

To attach magnets to the motor housing, make sure the surface of the motor housing is clean. If you are using a magnetic magnet. Because of the mutual attraction and mutual repulsion characteristics of the magnet. So you need to wait for the glue of the first magnet to solidify before you can attach the second magnet.

Third, glue need to pay attention to a few points

To know that there are so many types of glue, not all glue is suitable for, glue model, curing time, whether expired and so on are all need to pay attention to. Low speed, can be directly bonded with AB adhesive. One is high speed with AB adhesive and then fixed with stainless steel sleeve; Bonding with AB glue alone requires a layer of glue on the outside.

This can play a role in fixing, but also to prevent iron things adsorption to the surface of the magnetic steel is not easy to remove, resulting in damage to the appearance of the magnet.

Fourth,pay attention to the strength of the application

After the completion of the bonding magnet, in order to speed up the solidification of glue and ensure the effect of solidification, it is necessary to apply a certain pressure between the magnetic tile and the motor shell. It is necessary to pay attention to the pressure if the strength is too small, it will affect the quality of glue solidification, if the strength is too large, it will lead to the damage of the magnet and the deformation of the shell.

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