What are the important accessories of elevator lifting equipment and the function of electromagnet
December 31, 2021

The development of elevator has brought great convenience to contemporary people's life, so the electromagnet of elevator lifting equipment is its main part, that is, crane. Lifting machinery is an indispensable equipment for modern industrial production, which is widely used in the lifting, transportation, loading and unloading, installation and personnel transportation of various materials. Crane is a mechanical equipment that lifts, lowers, lifts and transports materials through lifting hooks or other lifting appliances in an intermittent and repeated working mode.

Lifting height limiter, operation limit limiter, buffer, anchoring device, rail clamp or windproof iron shoes, safety Jun, anti backward tilting device, lifting limiter, moment limiter and anti-collision device, etc.

Elevator lifting equipment electromagnet is the most important accessory

Elevator lifting equipment electromagnet is a new type of magnetic lifting equipment for magnetic conducting materials such as steel plate, ingot and scrap, which is very practical; The lifting electromagnet does not need to bind the scattered materials during the lifting and handling of materials, so it is also called bulk material lifting electromagnet, which is very suitable for lifting and handling scattered waste steel and waste materials. The lifting electromagnet is the common lifting and reuse electromagnetic suction cup. Humvek magnetoelectric technology adopts European technical standards, strict process flow and high-quality raw materials to lead the new direction of safety and energy saving. Circular scrap lifting electromagnet

Working principle of electromagnet for elevator lifting equipment

According to the principle of electromagnetic conversion, the electromagnet of elevator hoisting equipment generates strong electromagnetic suction in the energized state to control the forward or stop state of objects. The electromagnet has a reasonable and compact structure. The coil is placed in the shell of soft magnetic material and sealed with epoxy. It has the characteristics of small volume, large suction, firmness, reliability, full sealing and strong environmental adaptability. This series of electromagnets can be operated remotely, with simple and sensitive action and stable and reliable function;

Scope of application of elevator lifting equipment electromagnet: the AC rated working voltage of lifting electromagnet is 220 v. the normal temperature lifting electromagnet is suitable for handling ferromagnetic materials with surface temperature below 100 ℃; the high temperature lifting electromagnet is suitable for handling ferromagnetic materials with surface temperature below 600 ℃.

The function of the electromagnet of elevator lifting equipment is to produce strong magnetism when it is powered on, attract metal objects, and then carry them through the crane. When there is no electricity, there is no magnetism. It is different from the permanent magnet in that the magnetism can be controlled at any time and can send and receive freely.

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