Review of flexible magnet materials
December 31, 2021

Easy to use and cost effective

Flexible magnet is a cheap extruded permanent magnet. They can be  use in products such as flexible magnetic strip, magnetic sheet and label magnet. Flexible magnets can be bent, cut, twisted, crimped, printed, screen printed, decorated or marked with scissors or knives, permanent or erasable marks, etc.

We have a wide range of magnetic wall coverings for homes, schools and workplaces. This tape can be easily attached to various surfaces, including many plastics. As a form of ferrite magnet, flexible magnet material provides product designers with a unique and ideal performance combination at a lower cost than other magnet materials. The flexibility and machinability of these materials allow design innovation and automated manufacturing technology, which cannot be achieved by rigid or brittle materials. If strict tolerances are not required and the operating temperature is below about 250 ° C, high-energy flexible materials may sometimes replace ceramic materials. The energy product of ferrite based flexible materials is 0.6 mgoe to 1.6 mgoe.

Main advantages of flexible magnet

Cost: this material is very cheap.

Provide wide sheet and extrusion strip.

Easy to adhere to the product.

Easy to cut, shape, cut and scribe.

Color laminates are available.

Vinyl tablets can be embossed by screen printing or digital printing technology.

The high energy level can be as strong or stronger as ceramic level 1.

Main challenges of flexible magnets:

Only one side of the standard material is magnetic

Compared with other magnetic materials, this material has weak magnetism.

Due to the stability of the bonding material, its use at temperatures above 120 ℃ is limited.

Environmental conditions degrade the adhesive and lead to brittleness and cracking

Surface treatment of flexible magnet

Flexible magnets do not require surface treatment. Ferrite based flexible materials are usually laminated with white or color printable vinyl or pressure-sensitive adhesives for easy assembly.

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