What factors determine the quotation of magnets?
July 15, 2022

What factors affect the price of magnets?Why are the quotations of magnets of the same material different?Many novice buyers will have many such questions, and now I will answer them in detail.

The quotation of magnets mainly depends on three factors, the purchase quantity, the specification shape, and the tolerance. The smaller the quantity, the higher the quotation; the more complex the shape, the higher the processing cost; the stricter the tolerance requirements, the higher the processing cost.

Obviously, different materials will naturally affect the price. Usually, the price of NdFeB is definitely higher than that of ferrite. In addition, NdFeB is not corrosion-resistant, and usually needs to be protected by coating. Common coatings are nickel plating, zinc plating, epoxy resin. Choosing a good coating is another cost.

Another example is sintered NdFeB, the price will change with the temperature requirements, the higher the performance, the higher the price.

Finally, and most importantly, the price of magnet raw materials has also been fluctuating.

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