No.1 Super High Temperature Resistant Magnet-AlNiCo Permanent Magnet
June 28, 2022

People familiar with magnet materials must have heard of Al-Ni-Co magnets. Alnico permanent magnet material is an alloy composed of metal aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metal elements. Al-Ni-Copermanent magnet material is the earliest widely used permanent magnet material, and its preparation process and technology are quite mature. Before the discovery of rare earth permanent magnet materials in the 1970s, Al-Ni-Co alloy was the strongest permanent magnet material, and was gradually replaced by ferrite permanent  magnets and rare earth permanent magnets.

AlNiCo is mainly produced by casting method, and powder metallurgy can also be used to make sintered magnets corresponding to cast magnets, but the performance is slightly lower. The casting process can be processed into magnets of different sizes and shapes. Compared with the casting process, the sintered products are limited to small sizes, and the dimensional tolerances of the produced blank products are small, and the casting processability is good. Among the permanent magnet materials, Cast AlNiCo permanent magnets have the lowest reversible temperature coefficient, and the working temperature can be as high as 500 degrees Celsius.

AlNiCo magnets have good temperature stability and aging stability, and are suitable for making instruments, motors, electroacoustic devices, and magnetic machinery. AlNiCo magnets are also often seen in other high temperature resistant fields

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