Permanent Neodymium Arc Magnet For Motor Rotor Generator

Size customized
Coating Nickle coated ; (Ni/Zn/Epoxy black can choose)
Test Salt spray test
Material NdFeB
Certification ISO9001/TS16949/Reach/Rosh
Working temperature 80-220Degree Centigrade
Use&Application Industrial applications

Product Detail
– Power generator, wind turbine
– Hold metal pieces for machining
– Separation of ferrous materials
– Cases when magnetic field is required across a huge gap
– Science projects or experiment
– Magnetic art/sculptures
– Magic Routine
– Simply to hold and behold the awesomeness of such great power
This magnet is not a toy, it will cause serious damage and injury if proper attention and care are not observed.

This magnet may cause damage/disturbance to some equipment that contains magnetic or ferrous material including but not limited
to: watches, smartphones, speakers, earphones, compasses, pacemakers, electronic devices, storage mediums, credit cards, etc.
Do not pass this magnet to anyone who has not read and fully understood the nature, risks, and dangers of neodymium magnets.

Be extra careful of ferrous metal objects that may suddenly jump towards the magnet or vice versa.

Always store this magnet in a safe and stable place away from reach of children or pet
To ensure you get the most accurate quote, please give us the following details:
1. Grade requirements
2. Magnetization direction
3. Working temperature
4. Quantity requirements
5. Whether coating is required
6. Size requirements
1 .Life consumption: clothing, bag, leather case, cup, glove, jewelry, pillow, fish tank, photo frame, watch;

2 .Electronic product: keyboard, display, smart bracelet, computer, mobile phone, sensor, GPS locator,Bluetooth, camera, audio,LED;

3 .Home-based: Lock, table, chair, cupboard, bed, curtain, window, knife, lighting, hook, ceiling;

4 .Mechanical equipment & automation: motor, unmanned aerial vehicles, elevators, security monitoring, dishwashers, magnetic cranes, magnetic filter.
Why Choose Us
We have cooperated with many express companies, and the shipping routes are all over many European countries. And the shipping hasgreat discounts.
We can respond to customer's information in a short time. After-sales also provide customers with many preparatory solutions toprevent problems during transportation.
Our packaging requirements are extremely strict. Before we put the goods in the carton, we will carry out separate isolation packaging to prevent the magnets from being loose and damaged in transit.
We strictly produce according to customer's requirements. There will be many strict inspections before leaving the factory.Verystrict quality control.
We accept customer's customized requirements. Always committed to the research and development and production of "high-demand,high-precision, high-difficulty" products.
We have long-term cooperation with many material suppliers, and we guarantee the price is the normal price of international level.
Magnetization direction

Approximate Step : Raw Material→Cutting→Coating→Magnetizing→Inspection→Packaging
Our company has gone through inspection procedures to ensure that the bulk goods are consistent with the samples and to provide customers with guaranteed products.
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.