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  • Arc neodymium magnet
    N42 Arc Magnet For BLDC Motor
    N42 Arc Neodymium Magnet Size: φ3 ----- 220mm Grade: N35 -----N52 Working Tempt. :80---220 deg. C Shape:Ring、Cylinder、Rectangular、Runway-Type、Segmentor Customed Production Capacity:1000 tons/year Coating: Zn, Ni, NiCuNi, Gold, Epoxy, Cr, etc,  (Zn-coating: equal to or above 5μm, & at least 24 hours’ Salt Spray Test; Ni-coating: equal to or above 15μm, & at least 48 hours’ Salt Spray Test or 96 hours' according to customers' request. )

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