Why am I always asked by salers what level of neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet I need?
November 02, 2021

There is no standard?  how can I choose the right grade of magnet for me?

We often confirm below several elements with the customer before quoting the price  

1.Product dimensions and shapes:disc magent,blcok magnet,arc magnet or ring magnet)   

2.Material & grade(we can judge what type of magnets you need by the grade you give:Neodymium magnet,Ferrite magnet,Alnico magnet or Smco magnet

3. Surface coating  

4. Magnetization direction  

5. Quantity  

Among them the most important is the performance of the product, the performance of the product determines the quality of the product, the higher the performance, the greater the suction, the more expensive the price, at the same time, The higher the temperature it can withstand, the more expensive the price.  

Take Ndfeb magnet for example:If you don't know what grade of neodymium magnet is suitable for you,hope this chart can help you: you can choose the right performance according to the maximum temperature of the magnet and the application: 

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