What should I pay attention to after receiving the Neodymium Magnets? Can I open the package in any environment?
September 24, 2021

The answer: it depends on the size of the magnets

1. If the magnet is small, you can take it directly out of the box

2.If the magnet is big, like large disc magnets,large block magnet or large ring magnets you need to pay attention to several points before taking the magnets out of the carton

① Make sure that there are no metal objects in a large area around the carton

②when taking out the magnet from the carton, we should pay attention to the magnet attraction. The inner wall of our carton has iron sheet (magnetic separator). Before taking out the magnet, tightly clamp the carton with your feet and slowly take out the magnet from the carton

③If you want to take out a magnet to use, it is best to find your friend to help you complete together. A person with a hand fixed temporarily not used magnet, The other man slowly separated the needed magnet from the others ,after that please ensure that the distance between the magnet, to avoid magnets will attract each other after collision caused by magnet surface damage or suction together can not be separated.

3. What if magnets stick to each other?

1) If the size of the magnet is small, just pull them apart as hard as you can

2)If the magnet size is relatively large, you can refer to the operation of the picture to separate the magnet

3)If you don't have a similar device, don't worry, it only takes 2 steps to separate them

First,place one of the magnets together on the edge of the table, and suspend the other magnet

Finally,while one person need to fix the magnet firmly on the desk, the other person need to press down on the magnet, which is suspended in mid-air    

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