What is a rubber coated magnet?
December 17, 2021

Rubber coated magnet is to wrap a layer of rubber on the surface of the magnet, which is usually composed of sintered neodymium iron boron (strong magnet), magnetic conducting iron sheet and rubber shell. This structure can avoid damage and corrosion. The rubber coated neodymium basin magnet is a rugged magnetic component with a threaded center hole (internal thread) and a protective rubber coating. Protective rubber coating protects the magnet from corrosion or oxidation for continuous use in outdoor environment.

Rubber coated magnets have high magnetic strength and weather resistance, so they are very suitable for indoor and outdoor applications requiring high magnetic strength. They are usually used for fixing, installation and fixing, from installing lamps or fixtures to equipment maintenance, fixing tools, and organizing items in warehouses, workstations and outdoor areas.

Shape and type of rubber coated magnet:

There are many styles of our rubber coated magnets (click here to view the complete catalog). You can also choose according to the diameter or the suction. We also provide customized services. You can engrave your company's logo on the rubber part to improve the recognition of your company.

What are the advantages of rubber coated magnets?

-Strong tensile force, waterproof, durable, high traction, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and the magnet is not easy to fall off.

-It is composed of N35 neodymium magnet, wrapped in steel structure and coated with protective rubber coating.

-Internal internal thread is suitable for standard fasteners and accessories.

-Nd-Fe-B magnets are magnetized axially (by thickness).

-The thickness of isoprene black rubber coating is about 0.03 inch (customizable).

This rubber protective layer works well when used on sensitive surfaces such as glass and plastic or highly polished vehicle surfaces. The most common applications of our rubber coated magnets are hanging outdoor cameras, heavy door latches, hanging signs and installing sensors.

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