Those household magnets you didn't know about
March 07, 2022

Magnet is used in many places in the home, it is actually in every corner of our life, but we do not find it.

Why is it so widely used? Because a lot of electrical appliances if there is no magnet, there is no way to work, I will introduce some common products to you from several aspects, you can have a look!

1. Microwave magnet: Almost every family has a microwave oven, which brings a lot of convenience to our daily life, but have you ever thought that the magnet plays a very important role in the microwave oven?

Normally, microwave ovens have two magnets in the magnetron that guide electrons to heat food.

2.Magnetic Knife Holder: Proper placement of sharp kitchen utensils, such as knives and forks, is a constant headache for many people. We all know that keeping a sharp knife in a drawer is very dangerous. Magnet manufacturers tell you that with the help of magnets, sharp knives and forks can be safely fixed to the wall of the knife holder.

3.Speaker magnets: Speakers are one of the most important pieces of equipment in our home audio system. You can find magnets in all speakers. Magnets can interact with coils in the speaker to produce sound. To produce a powerful sound, some small, powerful speakers use neodymium magnets.

4.Treadmill Magnets: Treadmills are a great choice for home exercise equipment. When we run on a treadmill, a magnet passes through a sensor to count revolutions as the machine moves.And convert it into distance information.

5.Laptop Magnets: Many of the gadgets in our regular laptops use magnets. Magnets, for example, are used in laptop speakers and small fan motors. In addition, you can find a magnet on the laptop's hard drive (usually on the lid) so that the computer can know whether the lid is open or closed.

6.Telephone magnets: We often use magnets on our mobile phones, while microphones and speakers use small magnets to capture and produce sound.

7.Handbag Magnets: Many girls like handbags not only because they are useful, but also because they are a fashion statement. Handbags are known for their use of magnets. These magnets can be assembled easily because of magnetism.

The magnet of vacuum cleaner: The magnet is also one of the important parts of vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner works by using an electric motor to drive the blades to spin at high speed and generate negative pressure air in a sealed housing to collect dust. Vacuum cleaners' motors use powerful neodymium magnets to generate high suction.

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