The use of magnets you don't know
December 17, 2021

With the development of The Times, all kinds of new things appear in our life and work, thus bringing a lot of convenience to people, especially with the development of science and technology, all kinds of science and technology emerge in our life.

Such as the use and function of magnets, this small tool for life has brought many uses and function.

Magnets are widely used, such as Magnetic Holder, Fishing Magnet, Magnetic Grate, Hook Magnet, Motor Magnet, etc.

In daily life, magnets can be used to attract iron, so it is called a magnet.

You can put the magnet on the refrigerator or some fixed position, used to absorb iron tools, such as: kitchen knife, paring knife, bottle opener, tool pliers, screwdriver;

The magnet can be used to salvage: the simplest method magnet can be in the pond side suction scrap iron, coins, etc., on the back of the tricycle suction nails and waste of iron on roads;

Magnets can also be used in the food industry. We are familiar with rice threshing machine or flour machine, and some food factory processing machinery. It's easy to get nails or iron waste into those machines. A strong magnet to make a magnetic frame, can be mixed into the food of iron out, to ensure that we eat food will not have iron;

Airport applications: A powerful magnet is made into a magnetic bar, which is attached to a vehicle about 20 centimeters above the ground (The height above the ground can also be determined by the situation) and used to absorb screws on the runway.

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