Magnetic Hook
November 26, 2021

Hook magnet is an innovative magnetic product that can help lift items such as wires and cables safely to reduce the risk of them becoming tripping hazards in the workplace. Any environment with a metal surface is suitable for hanging or hanging materials from the magnetic hook. Super magnetic hooks are part of the neodymium magnet category, which also includes accessories options for countersunk head, external thread, internal thread, unthreaded round hole and threaded hole. These pot magnets contain neodymium magnetic materials and have steel protective caps, which can significantly increase the retention force and increase the durability of the lower magnets. This neodymium fixed pot magnet is equipped with a threaded hook, which is an excellent temporary or removable suspension point. Magnets can be attached to any ferrous metal surface and are designed to hold heavy objects on a vertical surface.

Purpose of our strong neodymium magnetic hook:

Neodymium fixed pot magnet with threaded detachable hook can be connected to any metal surface. The powerful magnet is located in the steel cover to concentrate the magnetic force on the base and increase its holding capacity. The steel housing protects the magnets from damage and corrosion, thus extending their service life and enabling them to be repeatedly disassembled, reused and repositioned.

Use these magnetic hooks to hang objects on iron buildings, sheds, removable and movable houses, or keep the work area, office, entertainment area or storage area clean and free of dangerous sundries. The self-adhesive nature of magnetism is convenient and efficient, and can occur immediately without tools or professional knowledge.

For retailers, builders, repairmen and maintenance workers, these heavy-duty magnetic hooks are very valuable for advertising, displaying products and organizing equipment. They can be connected immediately and can be repeatedly repositioned to different heights or more convenient locations.

For people who like leisure activities such as camping, fishing, hiking or caravan, the rare earth can type magnetic hook is also very convenient. Hang appliances or tools on the ground with hook magnets to make the space safer, more organized and more hygienic.

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