Do you know rubber magnet
November 26, 2021

Rubber magnet is made of hard ferrite material mixed with polymer. It has the characteristics of low hardness and good plasticity. It can be processed into various plane shapes such as sheet, strip, square, round and so on. Due to the high plasticity of the material itself, the finished products or semi-finished products can be cut, perforated and mounted with other materials at will, which is not easy to demagnetize and has good corrosion resistance.

Rubber magnetism belongs to a kind of ferrite, which needs to be magnetized by magnetizing equipment to make it magnetic. There are two kinds of Isotropic Rubber magnetism and anisotropic rubber magnetism through different magnetization directions. The differences are as follows:

1. Different magnetism: the Isotropic  rubber has weak magnetism, while the anisotropy rubber has high magnetic function.

2. The working applicable temperature and density are different. The density and temperature of the same-sex rubber magnetism are lower than that of the opposite rubber magnetism.

3. Different application fields: same sex rubber magnets are mainly used in refrigerator magnets, automobile stickers, printed products and publicity and promotion products. Heterosexual rubber magnets are widely used in micro motors, computers, laser printers, copiers, magnetic toys and other fields.

Specific applications include:

1、 Consumer electronics

Among the household appliances that can be seen everywhere in daily life, a variety of magnetic sensors, switches, motor magnetic materials and adsorptive magnetic products and components play a great role, significantly improving the quality of human life.

2、 Automotive electronics

From the electrical system of new energy vehicles to the electronic products in the automotive interior, various magnetic sensing, adsorption and motor rotor components are required.

3、 Computer and peripheral

The motor rotor in computer optical storage equipment, magnetic steel mechanical parts and storage parts in magnetic storage equipment, non-contact sensing and switching devices, and magnetic toner in various printing and copying equipment are all used for high-performance magnetic materials and components.

4、 Industrial equipment

In industries such as industrial control automation, metal processing, woodworking and stone materials, medical printing and so on, magnetic materials are embodied as motor rotors, magnetic sensors, magnetic switches, magnetic couplings and other products, which contribute to the development of industrial automation.

5、 Security equipment

High security security system requires high-quality magnetic sensors, excellent security equipment, hidden and convenient anti-theft magnetic labels, etc., so as to avoid the trouble of theft in various places.

6、 Advertising, gifts and educational supplies

In various advertising materials, colloidal magnetic and adsorptive magnetic materials and components are widely used. In toys and educational supplies, various magnetic materials and components with high performance and meeting environmental and health standards are also showing their talents.

The manufacturing process of rubber magnet is very different from other products. In the formulation planning, we should first determine the type, particle size and dosage of magnetic powder. For details, you can send us a message.

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