Can you judge the magnetization direction of the magnet?
September 10, 2021

In many practical applications, as long as the magnet is attracted to the required position, the direction of the magnetic pole of the magnet becomes unimportant. However, in most cases, the magnetic pole direction of the magnet is an integral part of the expected application.

Understanding the general operation of the magnetic pole of the magnet and the professional magnetization direction options will help your application succeed.(The magnetization of different shapes)

South Pole and North Pole.

Hang the midpoint of the bar magnet with a thin line. When it is stationary, its two ends point to the south and north of the earth respectively. The north end is called the north pole or north pole, and the south end is called the guide rod or south pole.

If the earth is a big magnet, the north pole of the earth's geomagnetism is the south pole, and the south pole of the geomagnetism is the north pole. Between the magnets, the magnetic poles of the same name repel and attract each other. That is, the compass repels the South Pole, the North Pole repels the North Pole, and the compass attracts the North Pole.

Classification: Magnets can be divided into "permanent magnets" and "non-permanent magnets". Permanent magnets can be natural products, also known as natural magnets, or they can be made by hand. Non-permanent magnets, such as electromagnets, are only magnetic under certain conditions.

Principle of magnetization:

The magnetic material is divided into many small areas. Each small area is called a magnetic domain. Each domain has its own magnetic moment (ie a small magnetic field). Generally speaking, the direction of the magnetic moment in each magnetic domain is different, and the magnetic fields cancel each other out, so the entire material has no external magnetism. If the direction of each domain tends to be constant, the entire material will be magnetic on the outside.

The so-called magnetization is to make the direction of the magnetic moment of the magnetic domain of the magnetic material constant. When a non-magnetic material is placed in another strong magnetic field, it will be magnetized. However, not all materials can be magnetized, only a few metals and metal compounds can be magnetized.

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