10000 Gauss Super strong rare earth rod magnet Bar Magnet

Round Magnetic bar

1.Dimensions: Stainless steel tube dia from 10 mm to 100mm

2.Materials: Ferrite magnet or NdFeB magnet

3.Sruface treatment: Polishing

4.Magnetization direction: Diametrical magnetized

5.Max operating temp.: 80 to 300 degrees celsius

6.Surface magnetic force: 8000 - 14000 Gs

Product Detail

Magnetic tube cores are equipped with powerful neodymium magnets,covered by stainless steel tube,welded seal both eands.The magnetic tube emit high magnetic,when the ferrous materials pass through,they will be attracted,so the material can achieve an excellent quality and protect the downstream equipment working more smoothly.Magnetic tubes could be fixed in inlet holes,outlet holes or pipelines,also could widely use in magnetic bars,magnetic drawers and magnetic filters for liquid lines.

Features of magnetic bars

1.Magnetic tubes are made of 304,316,316L stainless steel and super high magnetic force in magnet. Standard round tubes has a length of 25mm (1 inch) diameter. As required,it can reach the maximum length of 2000mm. Square magnetic tubes or other different shape and dimension are also available.

2.304,316 or 316L stainless steel are available for pipeline material which can be fine polished and meet the standard of food or pharmacy industry.

3.Standard working temperature < 80 deg.C,and maximum working temperature can reach 300 deg.C as requiredm,with samarium cobalt magnet.

4.Various kinds of ends like nail head,female thread hole,male thread,double screw bolt are also available.

5.Different kinds of magnet like ferrite magnet,neodymium magnet,samarium cobalt manget are available to meet each customer's requirement.

6.Easy cleaning magnetic tubes are also available.


Mainly used in food production,agriculture,pharmaceutical and recycling industries. It was popular used to remove iron impurities in pharmaceutical and food industrial.

The main types of magnetic rod

1. Round magnetic rod with inner thread

2. Round magnetic rod with external thread

3. Round magnetic rod with flat end

4. Square magnetic rod

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Grade of NdfeB Magnet: 

If your application is at room temperature only,the N series is the best choice,with a max operating temperature 80 degrees Celsius. In the N series,the N52 grade has strongest magnetic force,and is also the most expensive. Generally speaking,the N35 grade is relatively cost-effective and also have strong magnetic force.But which grade to choose depends on your pursuit of magnetic force or say application.

The higher the temperature of resistance of the magnet,the more expensive it is.For example,N35 grade and N35M grade have the same magnetic force,but the max opearting temp. of N35M is 100 degrees Celsuis

Please click here to check the properities of sintered neodymium magnet.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.